How do I certify my state record fish?

A potential state record fish must remain intact until officially certified as a state record. 

If you wish to release the fish, place it in an aerated container for transport.  If you plan to keep the fish, place it in an ice chest and cover it with ice.  DO NOT FREEZE THE FISH.  Get the fish to a business (U.S. Post Office, butcher shop or grocery store) with certified scales as soon as possible.  The weighing must be witnessed.    The fish must be identified by a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks fisheries biologist or a Wildlife and Fisheries Division regional supervisor.  Click here to locate the office nearest you.  A color photograph must be taken of the fish and this photograph must accompany the application.  Frozen fish and species that are threatened or endangered will not be accepted.  All applications for state records require a 30-day waiting period before certification.  Click here for an online application.