Timber Cove

GPS: N039 30.121’ W098 19.769’

Type: Fish Attractor

The Facility is not ADA Compliant


This brushpile is approximately 15-18 feet deep when the reservoir is full. Crappie concentrate around the cover in the spring and fall, and channel catfish can be found near it in the summer. We will attempt to maintain this attractor every other year.

This location is marked with a fish attractor buoy.

We recently upgraded this brushpile in May 2009 with the addition of over 60 cedar trees.
We added about 40 more cedar trees to the east side of this attractor in deeper water in January 2011 by placing them on the ice, wiring cinder blocks to them, and allowing them to fall through the ice as it thawed.
We added another 50 trees to the brush pile in March 2014.  Special thanks to all of the volunteers who made this work possible.

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