Jewell State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Crappie Good 8-11 inches

The crappie population is dominated by three and four year old fish in the 8-10 inch range as we collected many of these during our 2017 fall sample.  There are also a few 11-13 inch fish as well, but they are not as common.  This 2013 year class should provide a boost to the crappie numbers as they continue to grow.  Anglers will have success fishing crappie nearly lake wide.

Winter is a good time to catch crappie.  They will begin to move into deeper water and concentrate around brush piles and other structure.  Anglers can catch them using jigs, minnows, and jigs tipped with minnows.

Channel Catfish Good 11-25 inches

The catfish numbers look very good right now based on fall netting and anglers should be pleased with the numbers of cats in the lake right now.  Many of these fish are in the 3-5 pound range, but there are also a handful of larger fish between 7 and 10 pounds.  

Traditional baits like stink bait, shad sides, and chicken liver should all work for catching some catfish now.  Anglers have been catching them off the jetties and the boat dock.

Remember there is a 15 inch minimum length limit on channel catfish!


Green Sunfish

Redear Sunfish

Good 6-10 inches

The bluegill numbers appear to be stable right now with fish between 4 and 7 inches dominating the catch, but fish up to 8 inches were collected this fall.

Redear sunfish are thriving very well right now with fish up to 10 inches collected this fall.  There are two size groups with good numbers of 6-8 inch fish and fair numbers of 9 to 10 inch fish.

Anglers have been catching a lot of bluegill and a few redear sunfish this year.  They can be caught just about anywhere around the lake using worms under a bobber or small jigs.  Fly fishing is another good option to catch some of these sunfish.

Largemouth Bass Good 10-21 inches

We conducted our annual bass sample in May and the numbers look much better compared to the 2016 sample.  Good numbers of 16-18 inch fish are available with fish up to 21 inches or 5 pounds collected.  There are also several younger year classes of small fish which will help the population in the next couple of years.

The largemouth bass bite is usually very good during the fall and early winter as the bass are feeding aggressively in preparation for the winter.  Fish can be caught using spinnerbaits, Ned rigs, soft plastics, jig-n-pig, and buzzbaits.

General Comments

Water temperature: 39°F

Water level: 1 foot low