Trophy Scoring Information

  • Certificates are issued for racks or horns taken in Kansas which meet minimum scores as listed below. Hunter must possess a valid permit and trophy must have been taken by legal means during the legal open season. 
  • Scoring must be made by a certified Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett or Kansas measurer after a 60 day waiting period. Those scoring in the Kansas top 20 must be verified by a certified Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett measure.
  • To keep records consistent with national lists, any scores listed with Boone & Crockett or Pope and Young Club's will be included in state records.
  • The Chief of the Information and Education Section retains the right to reject any applications submitted to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.
  • Any rack that has been altered will automatically be disqualified.
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   Archery  Firearms
Whitetail, Typical 115 135
Whitetail, Non-Typical 120 150
Mule, Typical 135 150
Mule, Non-Typical 150 185
Antelope 50 70
Elk, Typical 220 300
Elk, Non-Typical 280 320