Management “units” or “zones” have been used in Kansas to modify harvest of Canada geese in areas of specific management concern.

In general, units were designated in the early to mid-1980s to protect goose restoration efforts in the eastern one-third of the state. However, as management goals have been met, units and hunting restrictions have been modified. The Marais des Cygnes Valley Unit, created in 1982, was terminated in August 2007. Two other units -- one in the Topeka/Lawrence/Kansas City area and the other in the Wichita area -- were terminated in 2005. Those units were established to provide hunting opportunity and encourage harvest of nuisance Canada geese near those urban areas with an early season in September, but were terminated due to extremely low hunter participation and goose harvest.

Southeast Unit

The season on dark geese was closed in the Southeast Unit in 1987 to protect local Canada geese being released as part of the restoration effort that was initiated in 1984. In addition to reducing the harvest of resident birds, this closure also encouraged greater use by migrating geese. Harvest restrictions have been gradually relaxed through the years, and currently the season is the same as the regular statewide season. The status of the resident Canada geese will be monitored with the Spring Resident Goose Survey, and should numbers decline, harvest restrictions will be reinstated.