Fall Turkey - First Segment

Location: Units 1,2,3,5,6 ( Unit 4 CLOSED)

Type: Season

Dates: 10/01/16 - 11/29/16

Contact: Licensing Agent

Phone No: 620-672-5911

This is an All Day Event

Other Information:

Fall Turkey - Archery/Shotgun

  • Shooting Hours: One-half hour before sun- rise to sunset.
  • Legal Equipment: Shotguns using shot sizes 2-9; long, recurve or compound bows and crossbows
  • Permit Limit: Each hunter may obtain no more than one turkey permit. Residents and nonresidents who purchase a turkey permit may also purchase up to three addi- tional turkey game tags valid in Unit 2 only. Fall turkey permits and game tags are valid for both male and female turkeys. Dogs may be used in fall season. 
  • Bag Limit: One turkey, either sex, per permit or game tag.