Friday February 19 2010

Lovewell FEMA Cabins
What does it cost to stay in a KDWP cabin, and how do I make reservations?

Cabin rental costs vary, depending upon location, time of year, day of the week, and type of cabin. For example, a modern cabin at Cross Timbers State Park on Toronto Reservoir, which sleeps six adults, rents for $65/night, Sun.-Thurs. and $85/night Fri. and Sat. in season (April 1-Sept. 30); weekly rate is $450. From Oct. 1-March 31, the cabin rents for $55/night Sun.-Thurs., and $75/night Fri. and Sat.; weekly rate is $375. Check for availability and to reserve a cabin on the Reservations page.

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Lovewell State Park adds to its cabins with four FEMA surplus trailers. Learn how this cost-saving measure will provide new opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts.

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