Monday April 26 2010

Neosho SFL
What should I do if I think I've caught a state record fish?

If you catch a truly big fish, the first thing to do is weigh it on certified scales with witnesses. Grocery stores, lumber yards - any business that has a scale certified legal for sale will do. And you'll need the date when the scale was last inspected and the scale number. Keep the fish alive or on ice and contact a KDWP office. A district fisheries biologist or fisheries regional supervisor must identify the species. In some cases, a tissue sample may be required. A color photograph and state record application must be submitted -- the biologist can provide an application or you can download one from the KDWP website. The application will be held for 30 days before certification.

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Visit Neosho State Fishing Lake to enjoy great panfishing and spring color. This small angler's hideaway is just north of Parsons.

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