Thursday October 28 2010

Benedictine Bottoms Bowhunting Miss
What is electronic deer registration?

KDWP is offering a voluntary electronic registration process for hunters who want to transport their deer meat and/or antlers, leaving the rest of the carcass on site. Most deer permits require the deer carcass to be transported with the head attached, so that the species and sex is evident. However, transporting certain parts of the brain, spine and carcass can potentially spread chronic wasting disease (CWD), and many states prohibit hunters from bringing a complete deer carcass from a state with CWD. The electronic registration process allows the hunter to take photos of the deer with permit attached, send those photos to KDWP through the internet, and receive a registration number. With the deer registered, the hunter can transport the deer meat and antlers.

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Hear the story as a Kansas bowhunter misses a giant buck at the Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area on a special hunts archery tag.

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