Thursday September 16 2010

Summer End State Parks
During youth seasons, may the supervising adult hunt?

No. During the youth waterfowl season, the youth must be 15 or younger. During the youth deer, pheasant and quail, and spring turkey seasons, the youth must be 16 or younger. In all seasons, the supervising adult must be 18 or older. The youth/disabled deer season is Sept. 11-19. The youth waterfowl season is Oct. 2-3 in the High Plains and Early zones and Oct. 23-24 in the Late Zone. The youth pheasant and quail season is Nov. 6-7. The youth/disabled spring turkey season is April 1-12, 2011.

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Mild weather at summer's end provides a great chance to visit Kansas state parks with your kids. (Sounds of Nature)

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