Tuesday June 22 2010

Kanopolis Lunker Bunkers
I've looked at the Sportsman's Calendar online, but the seasons listed for migratory birds are 2009 dates. When will the 2010 dates be listed?

Migratory game bird seasons are set based on frameworks provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Frameworks for early migrants are given to KDWP in late spring, and seasons for these species are set at a Kansas Wildlife and Parks meeting in June. Late-migratory bird season frameworks are provided in late July or early August, and the seasons are set at the August commission meeting. Dates are posted online as soon as they are set. View the Upcoming Commission Meetings page for more information.

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Kansas Wildlife and Parks, in cooperation with several other agencies, are creating a year-round Kansas trout fishery in the cold water seep stream below Kanopolis Reservoir dam. See what's happening.

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