Tuesday September 07 2010

Recreational Handgun Shooting
I know I need a HIP stamp to hunt doves, but the early teal season opens Sept. 11; what stamps do I need to hunt teal?

All hunters 16 or older must have a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, and all hunters required to have a hunting license must also have a HIP stamp and a Kansas Waterfowl Habitat Stamp to hunt teal. Nontoxic shot is required and shotguns must be made incapable of holding more than three shells. The early teal season is Sept. 11-26 in the Low Plains Zone and Sept. 18-26 in the High Plains Zone. Daily bag limit is 4 and possession limit is 8. Refer to the Migratory Birds page for more information.

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34 Million Americans shoot targets for recreation with firearms. Recreational shooting is a great way to enjoy the Kansas Outdoors.

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