Region 1 State Fishing Lakes

Region 1 map

Region 1 is roughly the northwest one-fourth of the state and includes 26 counties. Physiographically, it is comprised of the shortgrass High Plains in the west and the mixed grass prairie of the Smoky Hills in the east. Between these two regions are areas known as the Chalk Buttes and the Blue Hills, each region running from north to south almost to the Arkansas River Lowlands. The landscape ranges from flat plains to rugged canyons, bluffs, and creek beds interspersed with farmland, especially in the central portions of the state. Western portions of the region hold the largest population of mule deer in the state, and white-tailed deer are also abundant. Most of the state's pronghorn may be found in this area, as well as turkey and waterfowl. The region boasts some of the state's best pheasant hunting, and quail are abundant in the easternmost counties. Greater prairie chickens may be found from Gove County east, and lesser chickens, although not abundant, may be found in the southcentral counties of the region. Wherever woodlands are found — primarily in riparian areas and shelterbelts — fox squirrels and cottontail rabbits are common, as well. There are eight federal reservoirs and several state lakes and community lakes scattered around the region.

Region 1 encompasses the northwest and north central parts of Kansas.Lakes in the eastern portion of the area are full most of the time but out west many lakes are intermittent or dry most of the time. Ottawa SFL is the most eastern and maintains stable water levels and consistent fishing opportunities. Sheridan SFL in the west is in a good wet spring area and generally maintains consistent water levels. Jewell SFL near Mankato has a small drainage so in times of drought water levels are low even though this is one of the higher rainfall areas in the region. Currently Rooks, Logan, and Sherman SFL's are dry. Only Rooks holds much promise for fishing while the other two are mostly small wildlife areas.