Benedictine Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

Mallard Migration Rank:   (Estimate of potential mallard numbers. 1=lowest, 10=highest) 

3= Low/Few Ducks

Water level

A map of our wetlands is now available under the Wetland Map tab to the right.

All pumps are currently running. 

Wetland #1

  • Wetland is currently full.  No vegetation in this wetland.

Wetland #2

  • Wetland is currently full. No vegetation in this wetland. 

Wetland #3

  • Wetland is currently full.  This wetland has minimal vegetation including milo and some chufa.  Invertebrate production should be good as well. 

Wetland #4

  • Wetland is nearly full, but we are losing water slowly.  Excellent vegetation including annual smartweed, barnyard grass, and foxtail.  Invertebrate production is good.  

Wetland #5

  • We attempted to put some sheet water on the lower portion of the pool but could not get enough to make it hunt-able without losing to much water from pool #4. It is unlikely that this wetland will have any water for the remainder of the season. 

Refuge(NOT open to hunting)

  • West unit is full.
  • East unit is currently filling.
  • With good water in these units more birds should stay in the local area. 
  • 11/20/17 - there were 1000+ ducks, consisting of mainly Mallards

October 1 through March 31 the area can only be accessed with a special permit obtained through a drawing. The application and drawing will take place online only in 2017. Look for "Special Hunts" on our home page under "HUNTING".

Hunting conditions A few more ducks seem to keep showing up weekly.  Not great numbers yet.  But opportunity to shoot a few ducks is present. 
Expected hunting success Low to Fair.  Success could vary day to day.  

In an attempt to hold water longer in our wetlands, #1 and #2 have been sheepsfooted.  Rains during the summer months prevented us from doing them as early as we had hoped.  This has caused those two wetlands to have no vegetation this year, 

but invertebrates should still be present.

With reduced vegetation this does provided much more visibly open water on the area.