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Special Regulations Now in Effect on the Food Plots.

The food plots will now be non-toxic shot only. To hunt opening day of dove season hunters must put in and be selected by drawing for a special hunt (located on the website under special hunts). Hunters may put in for a morning or afternoon hunt and if selected will be able to bring one individual with them. This will limit the number of hunters for the morning and afternoon hunts to 20 individuals per time slot. Hunters will still need to sign in to the area using I-Sportsman. After the opening day of dove season, normal hunting will resume, however hunters must still sign into iSportsman to be on the area. 

Dove fields look very good with 9 acres of sunflowers and 5.5 acres of wheat planted on the area. 

Bolton Dove Field Map 2016 (PDF 377.76 kB)

Since March 2015 Bolton Wildlife area has been enrolled in the iSportsman check in system to monitor harvest and effort, in an attempt to have good usable data to make future management decisions. For more information about iSportsman or to create an account go to or contact my office at (785) 539-9999.

 The native grass pasture on the area has been under patch-burn grazing for the last three years. In this system we have been burning 1/3 or the grass each spring to more closely mimic the traditional burning/grazing patterns of the historic tallgrass prairie. The patch burn this fall was conducted on the west 1/3 and went well. The West pond is still not to the normal level, but is high enough to run the stock tank behind the dam. The pond on the East side of the property looks pretty good and supports a healthy largemouth bass population.

Mulberry Creek is flowing again and has sunfish in some of the pools.