Clinton Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers


Waterfowl numbers have been lower after the recent cold weather. Snow and ice are melting, but ice was up to 8" thick on lake and marshes.

The following is a summary of the most recent waterfowl survey (though numbers are not up to date)

The most numerous species were Canada geese (5,200) Mallards (1,800), Hooded Mergansers (700), Common Merganseres (600), and Goldeneye (250).

Other species observed included Scaup and Bufflehead.

All waterfowl was observed in the small unfrozen areas near the dam.


Mallard Index (0 - 10) = 7

Lake level 876.6 (1.1 feet high)
Hunting conditions

Marshes are 100% ice covered. The lake was entirely frozen except for a few small areas. With warmer temperatures in the forecast, broken ice should remain open in marshes.

Coblentz- the southeast pool is empty, southwest pool is half full, the middle pool is full, and the north pool is 3/4 full.

East Coblentz- is full. Water has been held in this pool a majority of the year to try and kill a few trees.  

Elk creek marsh- pool 1 is full and pool 2 is full.  Pool 3 is currently empty. Pool will not be flooded for opening day. If construction is completed before the 28th, we will try to flood the pool. The refuge is full and OPEN.

Shadden- marsh is full.

Expected hunting success Fair

IMPORTANT! Clinton Wildlife Area is utilizing an electronic check-in system required of all hunters. To register, please go to This will be mandatory for everyone hunting the wildlife area, not just waterfowl hunters. The card survey stations have been removed. Plan ahead and sign up for I-sportsman now.  

Please remember that trapping is also allowed on the Wildlife Area.

Rock Creek Boat Ramp is CLOSED.