Clinton Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

400 teal, 150 wood ducks, 200-300 Canada geese

A few mallards and other duck species have been reported in the marshes.

Mallard Index (0 - 10) = 0

Lake level 878.13 (2.63 feet above conservation pool).
Hunting conditions

Clinton Wildlife area marshes have water!

The marshes at Clinton Wildlife area have been limited in past years due to drought conditions. Thankfully, we have been able to pump and have more water than the previous three years.

Elk Creek marshes- Roughly 65% flooded between all pools. We have resumed pumping and have flooded all of the first pool and are beginning to fill the second pool. The third pool is roughly half full and the refuge pool is completely full. Coblentz marshes are holding at 75% full and have water in all pools. East coblentz is also flooded. We have stopped pumping but will continue later in the year.

Ducks have been seen in large groups on the body of the lake and also feeding in the shallow marsh areas.

Expected hunting success  

IMPORTANT! Clinton Wildlife Area is utilizing an electronic check-in system required of all hunters. To register, please go to This will be mandatory for everyone hunting the wildlife area, not just waterfowl hunters. The card survey stations have been removed. Plan ahead and sign up for I-sportsman now.  

Please remember that trapping is also allowed on the Wildlife Area.

The Refuge area will be closed to ALL activities from October 1st - January 15th.