Hillsdale Wildlife Area News

Hillsdale Wildlife Area News

REQUIRED starting September 1, 2015 - Hunters and trappers must check-in using iSportsman prior to using Hillsdale Wildlife Area

Dove Fields (All Fields Non-Toxic Shot Only):

Eight fields will be available at Hillsdale for dove hunters in 2015. Despite heavy rains in May and June, 3 sunflower, 1 millet, and 4 harvested wheat fields should provide plenty of opportunities for hunters. 


1) Novice/Youth-Mentor Field (Sept 1 - 6). Located near Wade Branch access on the west side of Hillsdale Lake. Nine acre field on south side of 255th St, west of Waverly Rd. Our best looking sunflower field. Starting September 7th this field will be open to all hunters. 

2) Located northeast of Wade Branch access. Half mile hike east of Waverly Rd. Ten-acre field did not produce as well as hoped but will provide opportunities and likely will see less hunting pressure. 

3) Located near the intersection of Waverly Rd and 247th st north of Wade Branch access. Twelve-acre field. 

Millet - Millet field has produced very little seed and likely will be poor for dove hunting. 

1) Japanese millet field located about 2 miles west of US Highway 169 on south side of 223rd St. Quarter mile hike south of parking area across low water crossing. 

Wheat - Only 2 of 4 wheat fields have been harvested as of 8/20/2015. Remaining fields are expected to be mowed and burned before September 5th.

1) Sixteen acres of harvested wheat on north side of Smith Creek access road, half mile west of Gardner Rd. 

2) Twenty-three acre field on south side of Gardner Rd, east of Hillsdale Point access but west of Tontzville Bridge. 

3) Five acre field located just south of #2 wheat field. Access from Hillsdale Point roads

4) Thirty-four acre field located on north side of 223rd St, 2 miles west of US Highway 169. 

See Hillsdale Wildlife Area Facebook page for detailed dove field maps


Antioch Marsh - Expected to be excellent in 2015. Abundant quality forage (smartweed, arrowhead, duckweed) and plenty of water.

Browns Marsh, lower pool - Expected to be very good in 2015. Seeded Japanese millet in July and beginning to refill in August. Smartweeds and rushes abundant.

Browns Marsh , upper pool - Water was held in upper pool to permit timely filling of lower pool and favor desired plant species. This process was delayed longer than expected by heavy rains that continued to fill the lower pool and prevent drying. Plenty of water and some smartweed. Expected to be good, especially early in the 2015 season.

Youth-Mentor Marsh - We were able to catch and hold some precipitation in the absence of the ability to pump. Japanese millet was seeded in July. New pump ramp excavation expected to start in late August of this year. Expected to be good for mid-late season hunting. 

Please contact Eric Kilburg with questions: 913-783-4507.