Hillsdale Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl Numbers Good numbers and good diversity of waterfowl. Mallard, pintail, goldeneye are abundant. Hooded and common merganser, bufflehead, and Canada goose are also present.
Water Level

Antioch Wetland - Nearly full. Excellent forage plants (smartweed, arrowhead, duckweed)

Browns Wetland, Upper pool - Drained for repairs.

Browns Wetland, Lower pool - Half full. Excellent forage plants (millet and smartweed)

Youth-Mentor Wetland - Full. Excellent forage plants (millet and smartweed)

Hillsdale Lake - 5% Frozen. About 1.5 feet below normal pool (See Army Corps Daily Report). Mud flats exposed near the waterfowl refuge.