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Dove Fields 2017: The weather was once again making it difficult to get crops in on time to be ready for dove opener.  The wheat did well at Irving, Black Vermillion Marsh, and Olsburg Marsh.  One variety of sunflowers were alright this year but have gotten a little weedy.  The Black Vermillion Marsh, Olsburg Marsh, and Fancy Creek  may need to be sprayed to provide the bare ground doves like for feeding.  The sunflower field at Irving were another variety and did not survive.  The Dove fields will once again be Non-Toxic shot only.  Tuttle Creek will be utilizing the I-Sportsman check-in system for all hunters again this year.  Be sure to check in and out from a location you know you will have internet access as the wildlife area has spotty reception at best.  For more information about I-sportsman or for help creating or using the account check out the I-Sportsman section on the department's homepage or contact Nathan Henry the area Manager at 785-363-7316.