Cedar Bluff Waterfowl Report -

Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area

Current Weather

Waterfowl numbers

2000-3000 ducks.  Mostly Wigeon and Divers. 1000 Mallards.  700 Canada Geese and a few Whitefronts and Snows.

MMR - 2

Mallard Index: 0=no mallards, 1=very few mallards, 3=few mallards, 5=moderate numbers of mallards, 7=good numbers of mallards, 10=peak numbers of mallards

Water level Reservoir is 26 ft. low.
Hunting conditions Mud flats at West end. 
Expected hunting success Fair - Currently there is still a lot of boat fishing occurring on the reservoir. Ducks appear to be leaving early and returning after sundown to roost on the reservoir.
Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area is in the Low Plains Late Zone

Land Refuge Closed Sept. 1 thru Jan. 31.

Water Refuge Closed Nov.1 Thru Jan. 31.

Land in the North Shore State Park is Closed to Hunting all year.

Youth/Mentor Hunting Areas are available. Check website or contact the Area Office for changes.

Contact Area Manager Kent Hensley at the Cedar Bluff Area Office for additional information 785-726-3212 or Email