Cedar Bluff Waterfowl Report -

Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area

Current Weather

Waterfowl numbers

Approx. 6,000 Canada Geese 3,000 Snows and a few Whitefronts.

Duck Season Is CLOSED

MMR - 6

Mallard Index: 0=no mallards, 1=very few mallards, 3=few mallards, 5=moderate numbers of mallards, 7=good numbers of mallards, 10=peak numbers of mallards

Water level Reservoir is 26.4 ft. low.
Hunting conditions

50% ice coverage on reservoir. (Ice is in poor condition) Waterfowl are feeding primarily on private land. 

(Permission Required on Private Land)

Expected hunting success Good- Field hunting opportunities should be good.
Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area is in the Low Plains Late Zone

Land Refuge Closed Sept. 1 thru Jan. 31.

Water Refuge Closed Nov.1 Thru Jan. 31.

Land in the North Shore State Park is Closed to Hunting all year.

Youth/Mentor Hunting Areas are available. Check website or contact the Area Office for changes.

Contact Area Manager Kent Hensley at the Cedar Bluff Area Office for additional information 785-726-3212 or Email