2015 Dove Management Fields and Maps

All 5 designated dove management areas described below require NON-TOXIC SHOT for the 2015 DOVE SEASON. This includes all areas within ¼ mile of managed fields. If hunters choose to hunt other locations on the WA not specifically managed for doves, non-toxic shot is not required.  Sunflower fields will have portions of fields mowed leading up to the season.  Wheat and millet fields will be burned, mowed, or lightly disked.  All managed dove areas will have mowed parking areas and mowed walking trails to the fields.

THE CAWKER CITY FIELD WILL BE CLOSED TO HUNTING ON SEPTEMBER 1 – SEPTEMBER 4 AND RESERVED ON THE MORNING OF SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH FOR OUR YOUTH DOVE HUNT. At noon on Sept. 5th the field will open to Youth and Mentor Hunting until Sept. 9. During this time, adults may only hunt the field if they have a youth 17 or younger hunting with them. On Sept. 10 the field will be open to all hunters for the remainder of the season.  

County Line Fields- 3 miles east of Downs and south of highway 24. One 13 acre sunflower field and one 5 acre wheat field located approximately 200 yards east of the south parking lot.

Cawker City Field- 1/2 mile south/ southwest of Cawker City on the south side of the dike behind sewer ponds. One 25 acre field that has sunflowers in the northern portion and german millet in the remainder.  Hunters should park at the grain bins south of Cawker City and walk over the dike to the field.

Mill Creek Fields- 4 miles south of Cawker City, ¾ mile east, and 2/3 mile north along the Mill Creek access road. One 13 acre sunflower field on the west side of the road and one 5 acre wheat field on the east side of the road just south of sunflowers.

East Granite Creek Fields- 1/4 mile north of Highway 24 on 170 Rd. and ½ mile west on D Rd.  2 fields that total about 12 acres.  Portions of the fields contain sunflowers and other portions were planted to german millet where sunflowers failed.

Fisherman’s Bridge Field- just east of the intersection of I Rd. and 110 Rd.  One 10 acre field of wheat.

Mandatory Hunter Survey Cards will be required during the first few days of the dove hunting season and will be available at each field.