2016 Jamestown Wildlife Area Dove Fields

Located west of Concordia, KS. Google Earth maps are available on website. Check Jamestown , the Area News,  for more details and updates. Jamestown WA is a non-toxic shot only are

Jamestown is using the iSportsman electronic check in/ check out system. Hunters need to register on-line to create an account.  Once that account is created, they then utilize their assigned permit number and password to check in prior to their hunt at https://kdwpt.isportsman.net/

Hunters will be able to check in as early as the evening before their hunt and check out after their hunt at their convenience. Information will be available at all information centers and where card collection stations were located in the past. Please contact Matt Farmer with questions or assistance.

Due to flooding and wet conditions during spring, managers were unable to plant sunflower fields but one wheat field was not harvested and will be burned or mowed prior to the season. Doves are also attracted to the shallow water areas found on the area.

Field #1 – 5 acre wheat field on the south side of Gun Club Marsh – From the intersection on KS Highway 28 (Vale Rd) and 20th Road (Cloud County), ¾ mile north to parking area. The field on the NW corner of the parking lot will be burned or mowed. Open to all hunters starting September 1.

Doves are also attracted to the shallow water areas found on the area

2016 map