Webster Reservoir Area News

2016 Sunflower Feild (OCTET-STREAM 1.08 kB)

Webster Reservoir Area News

2017 Webster Reservoir Water Level

The reservoir had reached conservation level by the end of March 2017.  The water level is expected to reach 2 feet above conservation level by early spring.  The resulting high water level has inundated many acres on the Area.  Turkey hunters should note that these changes have flooded nearly all acreage on the south side.  The north side has also been flooded.  Flooded acreage extends nearly to the river crossing.  Turkey hunting will be primary limited to that portion of the Area west of the river crossing.   

2016 Managed Dove Fields  (Update to be posted in August)

Webster Wildlife Area has one 10 acre sunflower field that should provide good opportunities for dove hunting. The field consists of two patches separated by a grassed terrace. Portions of the two patches have been mowed prior to the dove opener. The field is located on the north end and east side of the road that runs below the dam. Webster Wildlife Area does NOT require non-toxic shot for dove hunting.


Mandatory Hunter Survey Cards will be required during the first 7 days of the Dove hunting season for hunting on this field. Survey cards are available at the field.


Click here to see the location of managed field - Google Earth kmz file


2016 Webster Waterfowl Refuge  (update to be posted in August)

Webster reservoir is 7 feet below conservation level, up 15 feet from 2015.  The water level may continue to rise pending further inflows throughout the hunting seasons.

The refuge this year consists of the core area that extends from the point south of Old Marina Campground south into the lake, then east, and then back to the north shoreline east of the double mushroom in the Park. The portion of the reservoir that is "Closed to Hunting" lies northeast of the lint that extends from from the point south of the Old Marina Campground southeast across the reservoir to the bluffs in Goose Flats Campground at the south end of the dam. A "walk-in/nonmotorized boat hunting area" is located at the southeast corner of the reservoir. It extends from the southeast kiosk west to just west of 9 Road.

Hunters with questions or comments about these changes should contact the area manager, Michael Zajic at the Webster area office or call 785-425-6775.