Wilson Wildlife Area Boat Ramp and Fish Access Improvements

Most of the time people who visit Wilson Lake probably think of the wildlife area as a place primarily for hunting and viewing wildlife. But there are also great fishing and boating

Elm Creek Boat Ramp Improvements - Dec 2009

opportunities, especially during the spring post spawn walleye migration and the prime summer channel cat season.

To help improve boat access and fishing enjoyment, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism personnel added a new lane to the Elm Creek boat ramp during the winter. Staff will be developing additional mowed fish access areas along shorelines to provide shoreline angler access.

Remember that camping is not allowed on the area and you must take all of your trash with you when you leave. For some good fishing and less crowded conditions, you might want to check out the wildlife area. If you have other questions about fishing, boating or other wildlife area opportunities contact the Wilson Area Office at 785-658-2465.