McPherson Valley Wetlands

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Beginning in September 2016, McPherson Valley Wetlands will complete the transition to the i-Sportsman electronic hunt permit system.  There will only be one paper daily hunt permit box on the entire property, and it is located at 967 Mohawk Road near the area headquarters. Hunters that use paper cards from this box are asked to return their hunt permits to this box as well, as all other hunt permit boxes on the property will either be removed or closed.  Please plan accordingly and register for i-Sportsman prior to the September 1st opener of hunting season.  For those of you who have already set up an account with i-Sportsman, this is a good time to make sure you remember those user names and passwords!

You can find a link to i-Sportsman on the KDWPT web page, and all hunters are strongly encouraged to set up an account and begin using the electronic system.

For additional information please contact the McPherson Valley Wetlands office at (620) 241-7669.


Although the abundant rainfall has been great for the marshes, it has not done many favors for the dove fields at McPherson Valley Wetlands.  There will be one sunflower field managed for dove hunting during the 2016 season; however, this field was severely flooded in July.  The majority of the sunflowers drowned, but some small patches managed to survive.  Portions of this field were disked and/or mowed during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August, and some doves are beginning to find the field. Recent rains have not improved conditions, and hunting success is predicted to be fair to good, at best, due to the extensive flood damage.  This field is located in the Little Sinkhole Unit, southeast of Inman, on the west side of the intersection of 11th and Arrowhead (one mile north of Arapaho).  The field is open to ALL hunters, and non-toxic shot is required.  Please register with i-Sportsman if you plan on hunting at McPherson Valley Wetlands.


Staff at the McPherson Valley Wetlands will be producing a newsletter that will include season results, upcoming projects, special opportunities, fall flights, and other information that hunters / users may need to know if planning to visit the area. The newsletter will be produced bi-annually, prior to hunting season (mid August to mid September) and following waterfowl season (mid March to mid April). This document will be distributed electronically, and if you are interested in getting on the mailing list Click here.

The newsletter is an attempt to get information to more of our constituents since attendance at our public information meetings has been very low due.

Wildlife Violations:

In the past, area staff has (after the fact) been informed of regulation violations during the hunting season. Even though selective law enforcement by Public Lands and Law Enforcement division employees, is done routinely at the wetlands, we can't be everywhere all the time. If you witness a violation, please call the area office at (620)-241-7669 and leave a description of the violation including the vehicle tag number if possible.