John Redmond Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers 120 Blue Wing Teal, 65 Mallards, 20 Dark Geese.  Handful of Wood ducks on creeks.
Water level

Current Level: 1040.87

Conservation Pool Level: 1041.0

Hunting conditions   Main Lake is going to be rather poor this year due to extremely high water for most of the summer.  Lake level is back down but there is little if any vegetation on or along shoreline. Below dam the lower marsh complex is about 3/4 full, with great forage available for water fowl.  Teal are utilizing marsh for feeding and loafing. BE AWARE THIS MARSH CONTAINS SOME DEEP WATER, USE CAUTION.  Upper marsh is drained down for duration of winter to dry out for infrastructure re-build in late spring.  DU Marsh was planted to corn, witch has just been harvested.  DU Marsh is aprox. 0% full.  NEED a big rain. Large portion of standing corn will be flooded with next major precipitation event.   
Expected hunting success  Poor.   Need a cool front to bring in more waterfowl. 
Comments For information on Flint Hills National Wildlife Area and the marshes on the upper end of the lake please contact FHNWR @ 620-392-5553.