Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area News

Area News

Wetland habitat for fall 2016 is rated good to excellent.

Unit A-East:  Very good habitat dominated by wild millet and moist-soil plants.

Unit A-North:  Very good habitat dominated by wild millet and moist-soil plants.  Plant structure is relatively short so concealment may be an issue.

Unit C-South:  135 ac of corn has been planted with excellent yields.  About 1/3 of the corn will be left standing.  Flooding of this unit will likely be late because of corn harvest and the challenges of moving water into the unit through F-East.

Unit E:  This unit cannot be supplied with pumped water, but has considerable water due to runoff.  Habitat is fair to good.

Unit F-East:  Diverse moist-soil production.

Unit F-South:  This unit was scheduled for "renovation" (rehab of wetland vegetation) this summer.  Lower elevations have been planted to Japanese millet with good production.  A little buckwheat has been planted, but it is too soon to tell if it will produce.  Higher elevations will have little vegetation.

Unit F-West:  This unit was also scheduled for renovation.  Buckwheat planted but some has been lost due to wet conditions.  Some good moist-soil production.

Unit G:  Dense, rank millet dominates this unit.  Excellent food production.

Refuge Units:  Unit B-North has good waterfowl food.  Unit B-South and Unit C-North are being renovated and will have little to no waterfowl food.

Cocklebur:  Hot, dry June set the stage for cocklebur dominance in many units on the wildlife area.  Aggressive management has dramatically reduced the amount of cocklebur, but some remains.

Corn: corn has been planted in some small wetland units, but it is too soon to determine production.

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River boat ramp:  The Marais des Cygnes River boat ramp located just north of E 1700 Rd is closed due to excessive silt accumulation.