Purchase online, via toll-free call, or from one of 600-plus state license outlets

With the firearms deer season just ahead, hunters are encouraged to buy their hunting licenses and deer permits early to avoid the long lines which can occur with last-minute purchases of those items.

More than 630 license vendors in the state are now using the new automated licensing system (Kansas Outdoor Automated Licensing, or “KOALS”). To view a complete list of those vendors, by county, click here.

The new system will streamline the license and permitting process, especially after license purchasers have been entered into the system upon their first purchase. Any subsequent purchases by that customer will not require that a clerk re-enter basic customer information, since it is stored in a central database and can be quickly retrieved.

For even greater convenience, hunting licenses and deer permits may be purchased and printed on a home computer and printer. For many hunters, the modest convenience fee added to such home purchases is well worth it. Click here for online purchase of licenses and permits.

Licenses and permits may also be purchased from home by calling toll-free (1-800-918-2877). Customers who purchase licenses or permits by phone will receive their purchased items within 7 to 10 days. Phone purchasers of hunting licenses or similar issues which do not contain a carcass tag will be issued an authorization number which allow them to immediately use privileges associated with that issue.