The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has completed its yearly stocking of fish raised in state hatcheries at Farlington , Meade , Milford , and Pratt . The results are impressive. Approximately 64.5 million predaceous fish -- including intermediate (5-8 inches), fingerling (1 1/2 inches), and fry (newly-hatched) -- were stocked in the state’s waters. Almost 3 million channel catfish fry, 361,000 intermediates, 720,000 fingerlings, and 1,600 adult channel catfish were stocked. In addition, 1.1 million bluegill and 1.2 million redear sunfish were stocked.

Predaceous fish stockings included 578,000 walleye fingerlings and 49 million walleye fry; 34,000 intermediate wipers and 765,000 wiper fry; 14,000 intermediate largemouth bass and 27,000 largemouth bass fry; 2,600 intermediate smallmouth bass, 14,000 fingerling smallmouth bass, and 148,000 smallmouth bass fry. Sauger stocking included 244,00 fingerlings and 1.3 million fry. Saugeye stocking included 822,000 fingerlings and 6.8 million fry.

Stocking fish on this scale is made possible through the hard work of dedicated employees at KDWP's four hatcheries and is paid for by Kansas anglers through fishing license sales and excise taxes on fishing equipment. The 2005 stocking results reflect the fact that the sport of fishing is alive and well in the Sunflower State.