Holders earn redemption points; percentage of purchases aids holder's favorite outdoor program

PRATT -- The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) has developed an "affinity" credit card. This is a personal credit card that allows the holder to support a particular group or cause. In addition to supporting their cause, the card holder can receive additional benefits.

When a new applicant is approved, KDWP receives a signup fee from UMB Bank of Kansas City, Mo. This fee is donated to the program the applicant designates to support. Applicants may choose to support parks, hunting, fishing, boating, or watchable wildlife at the time they apply. The program will generate long-term support from every card issued because a percentage of what each card holder spends is returned to that selected department program monthly.

In addition, the applicant receives a two-year free subscription to Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine and earns redemption points on qualified purchases. Earned points can be redeemed for KDWP's Outdoor Store merchandise, park and game permits, stamps, and licenses.

Beginning Sept. 1, KDWP offices began displaying an easel and applications for the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Visa® Platinum credit card. Applications may also be made online at the KDWP website . For more information on the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Visa® Platinum credit card, phone 620-672-5911.