Part of three-year study, rewards offered for return of tags

EMPORIA -- Crappie will be tagged by Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) biologists this spring to monitor movement and harvest of this important sport fish. This spring, 500 crappie will be tagged at Cedar Bluff, Clinton, Hillsdale, Melvern, and Perry reservoirs as part of a three-year study.

Anglers are asked to return the tag from any tagged crappie they catch. As an incentive, KDWP will pay a reward of $5, $20, or $100 for the return of yellow tags. Blue tags that were used in 2003 will receive an embroidered cap, but some of these also qualify for a $100 reward.

To receive a reward, anglers are asked to complete a short survey card about the fish they caught and return that card to the Emporia Research Office. Cards are available from park offices at each reservoir, from local bait shops, or from KDWP's Emporia office. Report forms may also be downloaded from the KDWP website . Anglers are encouraged to return tags they caught in previous years as well. If they cannot remember the exact date of capture, the month and year will suffice.