May offers free entrance events

PRATT -- Each year, Kansas State Parks conduct free park entrance days during which visitors may enter the park free. (Camping permits are still required.) In the past, these days have been the same at each park. In 2005, however, park policy changed so that each park could conduct free park entrance days tailored to the park's facilities, seasonal events, and patron usage, as well as to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the state park system.

The following is a list of Kansas State Park Free Park Entrance Days events in May:

  • May 7 -- Fall River State Park;
  • May 7 -- Cross Timbers State Park;
  • May 7 -- Elk City State Park;
  • May 7-8 -- Meade State Park;
  • May 7-8 -- Kanopolis State Park (buffalo soldier/cavalry re-enactments, Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard, trail event, horse rides, naturalist programs);
  • May 7-8 -- Prairie Dog State Park; and
  • May 7-8 -- Pomona State Park (Kansas frontier re-enactment with Lewis & Clark commemoration, Lawrence massacre, National Park Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, family and kids activities).