Automated licensing system behind schedule; online big game permits will also be available

PRATT -- This fall, Kansas hunters will be able to purchase over-the-counter big game permits online for the first time, according to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP). Such permits include resident firearms and archery Whitetail Either Sex and Whitetail Antlerless Only Deer permits, Whitetail Antlerless Only Deer game tags, and resident Archery Antelope permits. Although originally scheduled to launch Aug. 1, the installation of the system is running behind schedule, so it may not be up and running until mid- to late August.

There are a variety of advantages to this automated system, and hunters will enjoy the convenience of a streamlined, automated licensing service wherever licenses are sold. With this point-of-sale electronic licensing system, no longer will hunters have to fill out hand-written forms, and the waiting time for purchase should be greatly reduced. Kansas hunting and fishing licenses are currently available by phoning 1-800-918-2877 toll-free.
The new systems will provide more convenient access to licenses and permits for anyone who hunts, fishes, boats, or visits state parks in Kansas. Customers will be able purchase most licenses, permits, and registrations from their homes, either through online computer purchase or by calling the toll-free telephone number. As in the past, they also will be able to purchase any of the same issues from any department office or license vendor in the state.

The department and its vendor partners (county clerks, sporting goods stores, discount stores, and other outlets) will no longer have to hand write each license and permit they sell. The system will be paid for by fees, ranging from 50 cents to $1.15, attached to each license, permit, or registration sold. In addition to more convenient access for customers, the department's operations will be significantly enhanced. Advantages include

  • eliminating the need to print licenses, ship to license agents, and warehouse past years' license books for audit purpose;
  • eliminating waste of unsold preprinted licenses;
  • providing a true accounting system for all vendors;
  • allowing law enforcement officers to verify license and permit information in the field any time of the day or night;
  • allowing cross-checking of licenses and permits at point of sale to prevent issuance of duplicate permits;
  • allowing customers to replace a lost or stolen license or permit by going to any vendor for replacement, not just the vendor where the original purchase was made;
  • allowing vendors to sell all licenses and permits, and eliminates the problem of running out of preprinted license books;
  • enabling more efficient surveys of users due to real-time collection and availability of names and addresses; and
  • allowing real-time monitoring of license and permits sales so that facilities and resources can be more efficiently managed.

Automated License Systems (ALS) developed the Kansas system, as well as the first online recreational licensing system in the U. S. and systems for nine other states. KDWP hopes to have their system up and running mid- to late August.