The number of recreational boaters using Kansas's waterways has grown tremendously over the past decade. As our waterways become more crowded and the types of boats using the water become more varied, it is increasingly important for boaters to become educated on safe boating techniques and laws. Boating safety course graduates can help ensure healthy, happy, and safe voyages for years to come.

Completing a Kansas Safe Boater Course can help reduce the potential for boat accidents, injuries and fatalities, reduce the potential for conflict between different types of boating activities and other resource users, and promote safe, responsible, and ethical use of the environment and our resources.

Course participants will learn all about boats, classification of boats, hull designs, motors, legal requirements including registration and equipment requirements, navigation rules, basic safety regulations, and waterway marking systems. Classes also cover getting underway, preparation, loading, boarding, cruising, docking, anchoring, knots, trailering, courtesy, and maintenance.

The classroom boating safety course consists of a basic eight hours of classroom instruction in the principles of boating safety. Check for current class listings on our website at Online classes are also available at and