From bats to bald eagles to beetles, service aims to educate Kansans

Knowing that education is the key to fostering a commitment to stewardship and the wise use of our natural resources, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks created the Wildlife Education Service (WES) in 1981. The WES utilizes field staff, educational programs and resources to enhance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Kansas' natural resources, especially wildlife.

The Wildlife Education Service provides educational materials for preschoolers through adults to promote an understanding and appreciation for Kansas wildlife, wetlands, and other natural resources. These materials are very adaptable to an integrated, interdisciplinary, whole language approach to learning.

Among the materials offered by WES is “ON TRACKS,” a publication designed to help educators teach students about the natural resources of Kansas. Each issue is devoted to specific aspects of Kansas, as reflected in their titles: “Kansas Threatened and Endangered Species,” “Water, Our Most Precious Resource,” “Life In A Pond,” and more. Past issues of ON TRACKS are available at the department’s website.

Teacher’s Guides for upper and lower primary grades are also available at the website. These guides help educators incorporate biological and ecological principles into their instruction, and can be integrated into a variety of subjects beyond the science curriculum. For more information on the variety of learning aids available, visit the Wildlife Education Service at the department’s website.