Leftover permits go on sale Aug. 1

A total of 2,285 nonresident were not taken in the May nonresident deer permit application period. These permits are all firearms Whitetail Either Sex permits and will go on sale to the general public -- both resident and nonresident -- Aug. 1 on a first-come, first-served basis. These leftover permits will be available at license vendors and through the KDWP website.

Leftover permit numbers by unit include the following:

  • Unit 4 -- 19 permits;
  • Unit 6 -- 181 permits;
  • Unit 9 -- 281 permits;
  • Unit 10 -- 711 permits;
  • Unit 11 -- 789 permits;
  • Unit 13 -- 53 permits; and
  • Unit 14 -- 251 permits.

Hunters who purchase a leftover permit will lose any preference points they may have accumulated for next year's drawing. Applicants who were successful in the nonresident drawing or the resident Any Deer permit drawing may not purchase a leftover permit. No hunter may purchase more than one permit that allows the take of an antlered deer. An antlered deer permit is required before purchasing a Whitetail Antlerless Only Deer game tag, unless the tag is purchased after Dec. 30.