Successful applicants should receive notification by mid-August

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has announced that the drawing for special hunts will be complete by early August. The deadline to apply was July 15. Applicants who applied online and provided an email address will be notified in late August only if they were not successful. Successful applicants will be notified by letter from the public land manager of the hunt for which they applied, but those who applied by mail will not be notified unless they were successful. Successful applicants should receive notification by mid-August.

The majority of special hunts provide new opportunities on public areas traditionally closed to hunting. These hunts provide a less crowded experience with better harvest opportunities than normally found on public wildlife areas. While providing excellent experiences for new hunters, special hunts have also proven popular with active hunters looking for special opportunities. In addition, the program offers hunters with disabilities a better chance to participate.

Successful applicants must have all the appropriate licenses, certificates, permits, and stamps required of any other hunt. For questions on specific hunts, contact the local area office where the hunt is offered in late August.

Special hunts are part of the Kansas Hunter Recruitment and Retention Program called "Pass It On." This program addresses the need to recruit new hunters and retain existing hunters in order to ensure the future of hunting in Kansas. For more information about the Pass It On program, phone 620-672-5911.