Registration forms now available for Sept. 22 - 24 event

The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program is designed to provide women a chance to learn about the outdoors and outdoor recreation in a friendly, non-threatening environment. During the three-day workshop at Rock Springs 4-H Center, volunteer instructors teach participants a variety of skills including fishing, shotgunning, orienteering, rifle marksmanship, botany, dog handling, archery, and more.

Kansas held its first BOW program in 1994, and this September 22-24 will mark the 13th annual BOW workshop. The application deadline is Sept. 11. More information on BOW, as well as the brochure and registration form for the 2006 workshop, are available here , or calling the Department's Pratt office (620/672-5911).

More than 80 women enrolled in the program last year to learn basic outdoor skills in a comfortable, fun, and challenging atmosphere. Once again the Department was grateful to have the best corps of outdoor skills educators in the state as partners in the program. Many of our volunteer instructors have been with us since the beginning.

Studies have shown that many women do not participate in outdoor recreation because they have not had an opportunity to learn the outdoor skills that make outdoor activities enjoyable. The BOW program has shown that when that opportunity is offered, many women take advantage of it with enthusiasm. Women who participate in this program learn the outdoor skills that allow them to fully enjoy the outdoor environment, while building self-confidence.