New creel & length limit format among many new features
PRATT -- Hard copies of the 2006 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary booklet are now available, and anglers can enjoy a number of new features. Prominent among these is a new format for listing length and creel limits. Instead of the sometimes difficult-to-read chart featured in previous issues of the publication, the 2006 booklet features a paragraph of text for every body of water in the state. This text clearly states the length and creel limits of sportfish found in all locations listed in alphabetical order for each of the five Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) regions of the state.

Another feature sure to please anglers is a full-color fish identification guide. This guide lists all the state's sportfish, complete with text descriptions and detailed illustrations by renowned fish illustrator Joseph Tomelleri. Look-alike species are grouped together with complementary text to help the angler discern the difference between such closely-related species as white bass and wipers, blue catfish and channel catfish, the state's three black basses, black and white crappie, and others.

Anglers concerned about invasive species have a much more informative section. Two pages are dedicated to this subject, complete with detailed illustrations and how to prevent the spread of exotic species of plants, mollusks, and fish.

Anglers who want to contact a district fisheries biologist -- for anything from record fish applications to pond management advice -- will find a listing of names and phone numbers of the nearest local biologist. A listing of natural resource officers is also included.

Overall, the booklet is more user-friendly, with topics grouped by subject matter for quick reference. Various programs designed to improve the overall angling experience are also grouped together, as are such topics as fees and general information.

Look for the 2006 Kansas Fishing Regulation Summary booklet at KDWP offices or most places that sell licenses or download or view the booklet at the KDWP website.