Park users can save by purchasing permits early

Kansas state park patrons can save money by purchasing many permits before April 1. Many camping and vehicle permits fees are cheaper if purchased during the off-season -- Oct. 1-March 31.

Park permits can be purchased at most offices of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks or online . Some county clerks and select vendors also sell park permits.

A daily or annual motor vehicle permit is required for all vehicles entering Kansas state parks. Daily vehicle permits expire at noon the day following purchase except Sundays and Memorial, Independence, and Labor days, when they expire at 2 p.m. A camping permit is required in addition to the motor vehicle permit for overnight stays. All camping permits expire at noon. A prime-site fee applies to designated sites from April 1-Sept. 30. Annual permits expire Dec. 31.

The following table should help anyone planning a camping, fishing, special event, or a day-trip to one of the state’s many parks managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

VEHICLE PERMITS April 1 - Sept. 30 Oct. 1 -March 31
Daily vehicle $7 $6
Annual vehicle $46.65 $36.65
Annual (2nd vehicle) $26.65 $21.65
Sr/disabled daily vehicle $4.25 $3.75
Sr/disabled annual vehicle $24.40 $19.40
Sr/disabled (2nd vehicle) $14.40 $11.90
Daily camping $8.50 $7.50
14-day camping $101.15 $87.15

Not all park permits offer off-season fees. The following permits retain the same prices year-round.

Year-round fees
Annual Camping -- $152.15
One Utility -- $6
Two Utilities -- $8
Three Utilities -- $9
Campsite Reservation -- $10.50
Rent-A-Camp -- $15.50
Designated Overflow Camping -- $6.50
Group Camping -- $1.50 per/person fee, plus $1.50 per site
Youth Group Camping -- $4 per camping unit
Duplicate Camping Permit -- $12.15
Duplicate annual vehicle permit -- $12.15
RV Long-term, One utility -- $200.50
Two utilities -- $260.50
Three utilities -- $320.50
RV Short-term storage -- $125.50 per month
Cabin Rental -- Prices vary
Special Event -- $0 to $202.15
Daily Trail Permits -- $3.50 per person
Annual Trail Permit -- $12.15 per person