Coalition designs food plot mix adapted to any region of bobwhite range
AMERICUS -- To help sportsmen and landowners with wildlife food plot plantings, Quail Unlimited (QU) has announced a new QU Food Plot Seed Program. QU, wildlife professionals, and seed company representatives have designed a food plot mix adapted to any region of the bobwhite range. This mix is especially formulated to provide a long-lasting source of high energy grains to sustain quail through the winter.

The special mix is a combination of several varieties of red and white grain sorghums ranging in maturity from 55 to 100 days. In addition, the blend contains Egyptian wheat, which is a variety of sorghum that resists deer damage, as well as a variety of forage sorghums in a blend of maturities, heights, and grain colors.

The food plot mix is highly adapted to varying climates and soil types. The earlier-maturing varieties provide grain in late summer and early fall, and the later-maturing varieties provide quail food for late winter. The mix of short and tall varieties resists deer damage, a common problem in many parts of the country.

"Research has shown that access to high energy grains increases the fat reserves of wintering bobwhites and increases their ability to withstand winter stress periods," said Roger Wells, QU national habitat director. "In many parts of the bobwhite range, winter is the most critical time for survival, and winter losses may take years to recover."

The food plot mix will be packaged in 25-pound bags, enough to plant 2 ½ to 5 acres, depending on the planting method used. The cost is $23.95 per bag plus shipping.
Seed can be ordered from the Quail Unlimited National Habitat Office, 868 Road 290, Americus, KS 66835, or by phoning 620-443-5834 during regular business hours. Only credit card orders will be accepted at this time.

For more information QU programs, contact Donnie Buckland at 803-637-5731, ext. 231, fax 803-637-0037, or email dbuckland@qu.org .