Last meeting for long-time chairman John Dykes, Fairway
SCOTT CITY -- The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission approved 2006 hunting seasons for early migratory birds at a public hearing in Scott City June 29. After hearing department recommendations and public comment, the commission approved the following seasons:

  • rail (sora and Virginia) -- Sept. 1 through Nov. 9, with bag and possession limits of 25 an 25, respectively;
  • snipe -- Sept. 1 through Dec. 16, with bag and possession limits of 8 and 16, respectively;
  • woodcock – Oct. 14 through Nov. 27, with bag and possession limits of 3 and 6, respectively;
  • teal (Low Plains) – Sept. 9 through 24, with bag and possession limits of 4 and 8, respectively;
  • teal (High Plains) -- Sept. 9 through 24 OR Sept. 16 through 23 (depending on final USFWS frameworks), with bag and possession limits of 4 and 8, respectively.
  • September Canada geese -- a September Canada goose season and unit were tentatively adopted; however, this season won’t be finalized until the late migratory bird season frameworks are provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in late-July.

The 2006 season for another popular early migrant species -- dove -- had already been established in a separate regulation. The 2006 dove season is Sept. 1 through Oct. 14 and Nov. 1 through 16, with bag and possession limits of 15 and 30, respectively.

The commission also approved slight modifications in duck zone boundaries that move a small area southwest of Great Bend into the Late Zone to provide hunting opportunity on the Arkansas River. In addition, a small area east of Dodge City was moved into the Early Zone to better match the hunting season with waterfowl use of playas wetlands in that area.

The Scott City meeting was the final one for Chairman John Dykes, Fairway, who was lauded by fellow commissioners, department staff, and audience members for his 12 years of service with the KWP Commission. Only two commissioners in the department’s history have served longer tenures than Dykes, who was appointed in 1994 and has served as chairman of the commission since 1995.

Robert Wilson, Pittsburg, has been appointed as the newest member of the seven-member Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission. Other commissioners are Dr. James Harrington, Liberal; Kelly Johnston, Wichita; Gerald Lauber, Topeka; Frank Meyer, Herington; Doug Sebelius, Norton; and Shari Wilson, Kansas City.