Celebrations continue into early fall
PRATT -- Each month, Kansas state parks conduct special events, some in conjunction with Free Park Entrance Days, some to celebrate a special historical event or geological attribute of an individual park, and others just for entertainment. Each park sets its own dates for these events, including Free Park Entrance Days. Most events take place in summer, but as fall approaches, a number of events are still scheduled for September.

Events are diverse and may include anything from a marathon race to boating courses and equestrian events. Many are educational, and all are designed to enhance the fun of visiting Kansas state parks.

For more information on state park events, phone individual parks or click the " Event Calendar " on the "State Parks" page of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website. The following is a list of September state park events:

  • Sept. 2-3 -- Sailboat Regatta at Ninnescah Sailing Association, Cheney State Park;
  • Sept. 5-12 -- Hunter education course at Tuttle Creek State Park;
  • Sept. 9-10 -- Free Park Entrance Weekend, Waterfowl Hunting Seminar, Chili Cookoff at Lovewell State Park;
  • Sept. 9-10 -- National Sweet 16 Sailboat Regatta at Cheney State Park;
  • Sept. 9-10 -- Bass fishing tournament at Cedar Bluff State Park;
  • Sept. 9 -- Competitive trail run (foot race) at Kanopolis State Park;
  • Sept. 9 -- Bowhunter education course at Lovewell State Park;
  • Sept. 10 -- ESPN Bassmaster Fishing Tournament at Wilson State Park;
  • Sept. 16 -- Benefit trail ride at Kanopolis State Park;
  • Sept. 22 -- El Dorado State Park/Trinity Academy work day at El Dorado State Park;
  • Sept. 23-24 -- Hunter education class at Pomona State Park;
  • Sept. 26-Oct. 3 -- Hunter education course at Tuttle Creek State Park; and
  • Sept. 30 -- Living History Rendezvous at Fall River State Park.