Kansas chapters draw two Commission permits;
proceeds of auction aid Wildlife and Parks

Each year, Kansas Wildlife and Park commissioners draw seven Commission Deer and Elk permits from a pool of non-profit organization applications. These permits are available only to organizations that actively promote wildlife conservation and the hunting and fishing heritage. The organization awarded the permit may then auction the permit as a fundraiser, and 85 percent of the proceeds must go to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) sponsored or approved projects.

This year, two Kansas chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) drew Commission permits, and both permits will be auctioned on Ebay. Any individual who has ever received an Any Elk or Bull Only Elk Permit in Kansas is not eligible to receive or hunt with this permit because it is once-in-a lifetime permit.

The Kaw Valley NWTF Chapter, in Lawrence, drew a 2007 Commission Any Elk permit. This Kansas elk permit may be issued to any resident or nonresident. The permit is valid for one elk of either sex and is valid statewide except Morton County during any elk season with legal equipment for that season.

The Marais des Cygnes Valley NWTF Chapter, based in Ottawa, drew an Any Deer Commission permit. This permit also may be issued to any resident or nonresident and is valid for one deer -- whitetail or mule deer of either sex. It is valid statewide during any deer season with legal equipment for that season.

The highest bidder at these auctions must also possess a valid Kansas hunting license (resident $20.15, nonresident $72.15), unless exempt by law, before hunting. Most Kansas elk hunting occurs on Fort Riley, and those who hunt on the fort must also possess a Fort Riley limited-access permit ($27.15).

There is no minimum age to hunt big game in Kansas. Youth younger than 16 may hunt without hunter education if directly supervised by an adult 18 or older. Hunter education is not required while hunting one’s own land. Otherwise anyone born after July 1, 1957, must have hunter education. However, all, individuals regardless of age, must have completed an approved hunter education course prior to purchasing a Ft. Riley access permit. Permission must be obtained prior to hunting private land.

Elk season dates for Ft. Riley are as follow:

  • archery and muzzleloader segment -- Sept.1-30
  • firearms first segment -- Oct.1-31;
  • firearms second segment -- Nov.1-30; and
  • firearms third segment -- Dec.1-31.

Elk season dates off Ft. Riley include the following:

  • muzzleloader -- Sept. 1-30;
  • archery -- Oct.1-Dec. 31; and
  • firearms -- Nov. 28-Dec. 9 and Jan. 1-March 15, 2008.

Deer season dates are as follow:

  • muzzleloader -- Sept. 15 thru Sept. 28 and Nov. 28 thru Dec 9;
  • youth and disability -- Sept. 29 thru Sept 30;
  • archery -- Oct 1 thru Dec. 31;
  • firearms -- Nov. 28 thru Dec 9;
  • extended season whitetail antlerless) -- Jan.1-6, 2008
  • Unit 19 Early Firearms) -- Oct.13-21
  • Unit 19 Archery Extended Whitetail Antlerless) -- Jan. 7-31, 2008

Both NWTF chapter auctions will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 26 and will end on Thursday, August 2 at 7 p.m. For more information and access to the Ebay link when it goes online, contact Brandon Houck, regional NWTF wildlife biologist, at 620-443-5906 or email