Other locations stocked for opening day

Trout season opens Oct. 15 in Kansas. While most of the designated trout waters in the state will be stocked with trout in time for opening day, three will not: the stilling basin below Cedar Bluff Reservoir, Hutchinson's Dillon Nature Center, and Lakewood Lake in Salina. Because of water conditions, Hutchinson's Dillon Nature Center has a new tentative stocking date of Oct.18, the other waters are tentatively scheduled to be stocked and open for trout fishing on Nov. 1.

As of Oct. 8, the Cedar Bluff Stilling Basin had yet to experience fall turnover, which occurs as surface water cools. The cool surface water sinks, and warmer water near the bottom rises. When this happens, dissolved oxygen levels in the water plummet, and it takes some time for the system to recover and provide conditions that will support trout. Rather than risk a fish kill for newly stocked trout, biologists elected to delay the stocking.

Lakewood Lake in Salina has been ravaged by flooding this year. A heavy load of organic material washed in by the flooding resulted in less than desirable water quality, creating a need to delay trout stocking there, too. If the water quality improves in time, this lake will also be stocked Nov 1.

Webster Reservoir Stilling Basin and the Kanopolis Seep Stream are scheduled to be stocked and opened on Oct. 15. These areas are fairly close to Cedar Bluff Stilling Basin and Lakewood Lake, respectively, and could offer alternative locations for anglers during the Cedar Bluff and Lakewood delays.

In addition, Hutchinson's Dillon Nature Center won't be stocked this week due to water temperature being to warm. The new tentative date is Oct.18, but that could be changed as water conditions change.

Updated information regarding the Cedar Bluff, Dillon Nature Center, and Lakewood trout stocking plans, as well as all other trout waters, is available here.