Hunting simulator has reached nearly 170,000 in six years
PRATT -- In 2006, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) reached nearly 26,000 people with its computerized Laser-Shot Hunting Simulator. The agency began using the system in 2001, and 2006 figures bring the total number of would-be hunters exposed to this education medium to nearly 170,000 in six years of use.

Laser-Shot systems are used throughout the state for hunter education classes and Hunter Recruitment & Retention Program events. The system gives participants challenging shooting experiences and lessons on ethical shot selections, as well as positive exposure to the agency, gun owners, and hunters.

Ed Augustine, Junction City Hunter Education Section program specialist, has compiled data on use of the agency's four Laser-Shot systems for 2006:

  • 52 Hunter Education events including 1,895 students;
  • 103 Hunter Recruitment & Retention events including 23,981 shooters; and
  • 155 total events reaching 25,876 people.

While these figures represent a decrease in number of events from the previous year, they also reveal an increase of 3,010 participants over 2005. In addition, laser operators, assisted by other hunter education instructors, distributed more than 20,000 child safety gun locks to students and the public.

Laser system team members include Ted Billingsley, Solomon; Dennis Vincent, Leavenworth; Kent Barrett, Winona; and Augustine.
Funding for the program is provided by KDWP's Hunter Education Section and the Pass It On Program.