Move designed to protect spawning walleye;
closure March 1 through April 8
WEBBER -- Historically, when water is released into Lovewell Reservoir by the Bostwick Irrigation District, fish are attracted to the inlet area. This year, that release will coincide with the walleye spawning season. When this has occurred in the past, illegal snagging of walleye has occurred. For this reason, the inlet area will be closed by posted notice to all fishing from Thursday, March 1, through Sunday, April 8.

Since 1988, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has managed Lovewell to produce large mature walleye for broodstock and a high-quality fishery by enforcing an 18-inch minimum length limit. Although Lovewell will not be used as a walleye egg collection site this year, it is still necessary to protect these fish from legal as well as illegal harvest during the spawning season, when they are most vulnerable. By doing so, better walleye fishing will be maintained throughout the season.

For more information, phone 785-753-4971.