October 18, 2012

First year for new trout season opening day

PRATT—The 2012 trout season opens Nov. 1 when select waters across the state will be stocked with trout for the popular winter fishing activity. The trout season has traditionally opened Oct. 15 and closed April 15. However, in recent years, stockings in some waters were delayed because of warm weather. To avoid angler confusion, loss of trout and maintain efficient stocking schedules, the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission approved a Nov. 1 opening day beginning in 2012.

There are two types of trout waters in Kansas; Type 1 requires all anglers age 16 and older fishing during the trout season to have a trout permit; Type 2 waters require anglers 16 and older who are fishing for or in possession of trout to have a trout permit. Anglers 15 and younger can fish for trout without a trout permit, but they may only keep two trout per day. The daily creel limit for anglers with a trout permit is five per day unless posted otherwise.

More than 30 small lakes and several streams will receive trout stockings periodically between Nov. 1 and April 15. Log on to and click on “Trout Program” on the Fishing Quick Links menu on the Fishing Page to see stocking schedules and learn more about trout fishing in Kansas.