Sept. 6, 2012
Hunting guides must obtain permit before guiding on public wildlife areas, other KDWPT-managed lands
PRATT — At a June meeting of the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission, a new regulation regarding guide services on public lands was passed. Beginning with this fall’s hunting seasons, commercial guides must have a permit to guide on lands managed or owned by the department. The permit is free and available on the KDPWT website,, to guide on public lands. Click on “Hunting/Applications and Fees/Public Lands.” The permit must be specific to the land where guiding takes place. This includes public wildlife areas as well as Walk-In Hunting Access (WIHA) lands.

“Commercial guide” services means any commercial assistance to hunters, including providing any one or more of the following when used in conjunction with or for hunting activities: pack or riding livestock, transportation other than by commercial carrier, equipment, or facilities.

“Commercial” means that the recipient of the commercial guide services agrees to provide valuable consideration as compensation for the services, which are provided as part of a business relationship. Evidence of a business relationship shall include advertisement of the commercial guide services, written agreement of the terms of payment, or services provided by an employee of a commercial guide service.