OWLS Procedures

 OWLS Procedures:

  • School requests information about OWLS or send completed application form to Pratt OWLS office.
  • OWLS office sends OWLS guidelines to school.
  • School forms an OWLS committee and selects an OWLS project director.
  • Project director contacts KDWPT district biologist for guidance.
  • School OWLS committee prepares grant proposal with assistance of district biologist and other resource persons.
  • Project director sends grant proposal to OWLS coordinator for review.
  • OWLS coordinator forwards proposal to OWLS office, or returns proposal to project director for further refinement. OWLS office approves proposal.
  • Grant contract is sent to project director.
  • Project director returns signed grant contract to OWLS office.
  • Check is sent to school.
  • School begins project work.